Question & Answers

How do I book for the first time?

Simply email us or phone the office its up to you and we will arrange a time for your lawn to be mowed.

How do I Pay?

Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash, Paypal (if paying by paypal we charge £2.50 to cover their charges), bank transfer, standing order, postal order.

Will you still come if its raining?

If its a light shower yes but ideally the grass should be fairly dry before we mow it.

Is it £19.50 for any garden

Yes but within reason. We couldn't mow a golf course for £19.50 so we have suggested that the price will be fixed providing the garden is no more than about 60ft deep or so (yes 65ft is still only £19.50). We would have to increase the price if the grass was extremely long ie over 6 inches (150mm) as it would take a lot more work to cut a badly neglected overgrown lawn

I have a front and rear garden, will it cost £19.50 for each garden?

We do charge £19.50 per garden, however if you only have a small front garden we will be able to offer you a cheaper price if you have this cut at the same time as your main lawn. ie £19.50 for the main lawn and £3.00 for the front lawn.

I have a large garden can I still use your services

Yes we can still offer you the same service thought the price will be slightly more but even an acre will only cost around £45 per hour using the ride on mower.

Can I pay on the day?

Yes by prior agreement when you book.

Do you need access to a power point?

No all our machinery is petrol driven or battery powered so all we need is access to the garden and an empty brown bin for your garden waste.

What about my pets?

We appreciate that people have pets and it can be difficult to keep them out of the garden. It is best that the pets are kept out of the garden to prevent any unforseen accidents from happening.


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