Gardening Tips


The grass will slow down in terms of growth but the lawn still requires mowing. We will raise the height of the mower blades when mowing and leave it slightly longer than normal about 2.5 inches or so and if you have your lawn mowed weekly we will change to once a fortnight as the grass will grow more slowly as the weather cools. 

Autumn can be a great time to use an aerator to help the soil drain and breathe which in turn will improve the appearance of your lawn next summer. Make sure you remove all fallen leaves to maintain the health of your lawn.


Spring is a good time to aereate your lawn because over a period of time the soil become compacted and the result is the pore spaces in the soil that contain the air gradually decrease resulting in soil compaction. The holes will release stale air and help improve the quality of your soil and in turn improve your lawn and drainage.

Lawn Care


The most important thing we can do is give it a much deserved drink. Water at times when the moisture is likely to soak in rather than evaporate, early morning or late evening is the best. Try to avoid giving your lawn a light sprinkling every day, as this can cause the roots to grow shallow and be prone to drying out. When it’s dry, a good soaking once or twice a week is much more beneficial for your lawn.


Most lawns should be cut every week to maintain a good healthy lawn but try to avoid removing more than a third of the growth at a time as this can stress the grass. Its very important to keep your blade sharp on your mower to ensure you get a clean cut and prevent any damage to your grass. During the summer dry periods or drought you won’t need to have your grass cut that much if it is very dry as there will be little growth. However, don’t go more than two weeks between cuts because some weed grasses will take advantage of the lack of lawn mowing and spread or seed profusely. This may result in your lawn being damaged by weeds which can prove expensive to remove if you have a larger than average town garden.

Make sure your lawn mower is in good condition with a sharp blade to avoid damaging your grass.

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